About Us

Young Kids in Role Play Costumes at Little Play Town

Welcome to Little Play Town, a fun and educational play facility for children aged 7 and under.


Little Play Town is all about imaginative play.

At Little Play Town we love our kids and we believe they need more opportunities to leave the everyday world behind and let their imagination fly. So, we have created a magical little play town where your kids can dress up and through imaginative play feel free to be anyone they can dream of being: a farmer, fire fighter, vet, postman, builder, a beautician, a chef……..

But we know role play is more than just fun. It is a key element of learning. Role play engages emotion, cognition, language and sensory motor skills.

It actually creates synaptic connections between parts of the brain. And the more synapses, the greater a child’s intelligence.


Why we created Little Play Town


As a family of four living in the Hart District, we know how important it is to keep our little ones occupied in and safe a secure surrounding, whilst still being able to enjoy a bit of relax time with a cup of coffee and cake.  The idea was to create an environment that welcomed social interaction with both child and parent within our community, whilst offering a break from the norm of running around.

Little Play Town is our dream that we have been working on for over two years with ideas from all parts of the world. We are delighted that you could be part of this and look forward to seeing the delight on your little ones face as they play out their imaginations.


Meet Our Staff


Founder, Owner and Super Mum

Clinton the Fabulous

Co-Founder & cleaner